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Abstract Submission



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Please submit an abstract highlighting your recent clinical, health services, educational, biomedical innovation, or basic science research. 

Abstracts should describe completed work and can describe work that has been previously presented at scientific meetings or published in the literature. All abstracts must be submitted via the online submission system by 6:00 pm on Monday, March 2. A notice will be distributed when the submission website is open.
  • Authors – List all authors contributing to the work. The presenting author must be listed first.
  • Abstract – Each abstract is limited to 2000 characters (including spaces); titles and authors are excluded from this count. Avoid symbol fonts such as ,, in your abstract; instead spell them out as in: alpha, beta, gamma. Abstracts must include the following four sections:
  • Background – Describe why the study was conducted and state the objective and/or hypothesis.
  • Methods – Describe how the study was conducted, focusing on study design, experimental techniques, and analytic approach.
  • Results – Describe the most important findings of the study. Quantitative results should be reported whenever possible. Abstracts can include one figure or one table.
  • Conclusions – Describe the conclusions reached based specifically on the study results and comment on the relevance of the study.
  • Tables and Figures – Tables and figures are permitted. If included, they will need to be uploaded as a single PDF, MS Excel, or MS Word document.
Please, do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions.
Scott LeMaire, MD

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